Backpacking in Cape Lookout, NC

Backpacking in Cape Lookout, NC

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Some think about Cape Lookout, North Carolina to be one of the most stunning backpacking destinations in the United States. Cape Lookout provides a wealth of leisure activities for backpackers, such as swimming, hiking and discovering its apparently unlimited sea of dune. Distinguished for its natural beauty and breathtaking sunups and sundowns, Cape Lookout is the best spot for backpacking, whether you’re an experienced veteran or off to check out the region for the very first time.


Backpackers in Cape Lookout should remain a map on them at all times, along with conveniently portable food for quick energy– granola bars and dried fruit work well. You need to likewise make sure you’ve lots of water available to prevent dehydration. It’s very important to keep a little cash on hand for emergencies as well. Other needs consist of comfy clothes, a first-aid kit and a compass or GPS device. Cape Lookout is likewise prone to typhoons and unexpected sea storms, so plan your trip wisely and remain a close eye on the weather.

Cape Lookout National Seashore

Once you’re equipped to go backpacking, Cape Lookout offers plenty to see and do on your trip. One of the leading tourist attractions in the cape is the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Run by the U.S. National forest Service, the seaside provides miles of golden, gorgeous beaches and the chance for activities like swimming, boating, hiking, picnicking and fishing. The coastline’s secluded sand dunes provide the opportunity to see wild horses and other amazing wildlife.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Another popular backpacking location is the famous Cape Lookout Lighthouse. Located within the Cape Lookout National Seashore, the lighthouse, known for its unique white-and-black pattern, provides backpackers the chance to see scenic vistas and stunning views from its top. Climbing the lighthouse itself does require a ticket, however the view is well worth the time and expense.


Some backpackers who travel to Cape Lookout decide to remain in a hotel or nearby lodging. Nonetheless, in order to optimize your time in the area and your pleasure of its charm, you’ll discover less more spectacular selections than the rustic rental cabins readily available at either the Great Island Camp or the Long Point Camp in Cape Lookout. These cabins are operated by the National forest Service. Each cabin consists of hot water and propane heat, some include generator hookups too.