Lying T Bar Row aids establish back in terms of size as well as thickness.


  1. Adjust the leg elevation or the pad height so that your top chest must be on the top of the pad. For sure equipments, you need to depend on the appropriate step to do it.
  2. Grab the manages with the largest grip.
  3. If you are beginner, for the very first collection, do not place any type of weight on.
  4. Lift the bar off the rack, let it hand directly down, and also extend your arms in front of you. Keep your chin up.
  5. Slowly pull the weight up like you are ‘rowing’. Raise bench towards your stomach location. Quit at the factor where the ‘imaginary line’ in between your hands touches your chest.
  6. At the top of the motion, squeeze your back. Your joints ought to naturally pointed in an outward direction. Keep your upper arms as close to your body as feasible throughout the activity to ensure your back muscular tissues are striving. Do not raise your body off the pad because if you do that, you have the tendency to use your arms to raise the weight.
  7. Slowly return the bar.
  8. Do 8 to 12 reps each collection, 3 sets.


  • Do not use your arms to raise the weight.
  • Once you recognize with the workout, you can begin adding weight.