Alternating Dumbbell Press Vs. Regular Dumbbell Press

Alternating Dumbbell Press Vs. Regular Dumbbell Press

Using pinheads for a pressing workout expands your motion and grip choices beyond exactly what you can do with a barbell. An alternating motion enables you to concentrate one on side at a time and enhances the balance difficulty of the exercise. You can do a regular or rotating version for the chest or shoulder pinhead press.


A regular dumbbell press includes moving both dumbbells together at the very same speed. You push the dumbbells until they almost touch and afterwards lower them together.
For a rotating pinhead press, you hold one dumbbell fixed while you push the other dumbbell. You’ve 2 various choices for the rotating variation. You can start with both dumbbells in the bottom position of the press motion. Press one dumbbell, lower it and then press the other pinhead. If you wish to enhance the difficulty of the movement, start by holding both pinheads in the extended position. Lower one pinhead, press it back up then lower the other dumbbell.

Press Type

You perform a pinhead shoulder press in an upright position, either seated or standing. This press exercise targets your shoulder and upper back muscles. Begin with the dumbbells at shoulder level and press them straight above your head in the rotating or regular pattern.
You do a dumbbell chest press in a flat, incline or decrease position. This press workout targets your chest, triceps and shoulders. Begin with the dumbbells at chest level and press them up and together in a regular or rotating pattern.


The alternating press integrates a balance challenge into the workout that the regular press does not. This is specifically true if you sit or lie on a stability ball or base on a balance disc. Pressing a weight on simply one side triggers an imbalance so secondary stabilizing muscles activate to stabilize your body in the necessary position. The heavier the pinheads are, the more of a balance challenge you produce.


Use both kinds of pressing motion in your routine to develop variety and to fend off dullness. You may discover that you’re able to push even more weight in the regular fashion versus the rotating fashion because your body is more steady. Nevertheless, you use less supporting muscles for the regular pushing workouts.
If you utilize a stability ball or balance disc to improve the difficulty of the exercise, begin with a routine pushing pattern. Once you can do the routine variation with great kind, advance to the alternating version.