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Aerial yoga exercise, also called anti-gravity yoga exercise or hammock yoga exercise, is a technique of typical Hatha yoga exercise that combines standard yoga poses with aerial balancings, Pilates and dancing with the use of a soft textile hammock.

Airborne yoga exercise was designed by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer.

Aerial yoga exercise entails a variety of exercises influenced by yoga exercise, Pilates, exercises and also airborne acrobatics in a fabric hammock that could support over 400 kilograms, suspended a few feet off ground. The objective is to attain a total-body workout.

The aerial yoga hammock features like a swing, because it is a soft textile that is connected to the ceiling from 2 overhead points. Airborne yoga enhances versatility, alignment, strength and also deep breathing. Deep breathing causes calmness and increased cognitive ability.

Here are several of the advantages of airborne yoga.

Complete body workout: The top quality of airborne yoga movements compels you to move and also extend mostly all your body parts. It improves balance and also dexterity, and builds up the core muscles. It assists to tone as well as redefine your muscular tissues, while strengthening your joints throughout the exercise. Aerial yoga exercise could also be advantageous for bodily rehabilitation.

Improved internal body feature: Sweating during an aerial yoga exercise helps preserve the physical body’s regulative performance. The lymphatic, breathing as well as digestive systems are reenergised via boosted blood circulation. It aids boosts cognitive working, relaxes your thoughts, improves memory, or even boosts skin quality.

Mental benefits: Airborne yoga exercise aids relieve tension. An aerial yoga workout releases feel-good hormones like serotonin and endorphins in your body.

New skills: There are several brand-new as well as better motions associated with aerial yoga. It makes you establish physical body skills that add an entirely new dimension to your physical fitness method. It enhances imagination, so you develop brand-new creative techniques.


Never carry out an aerial yoga exercise exercise on your very own. Enroll in a lesson with a certified yoga coach to avoid severe injury.

Even though aerial yoga exercise has a variety of health and wellness advantages, not everybody can do this workout. For pregnant females, and folks that experience from vertigo, arthritis, glaucoma and hypertension, it’s advisable not to occupy airborne yoga. Always consult your medical professional prior to taking up a brand-new physical fitness activity.