Advance Abs Workout: Video on Hanging V-Raise

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Hanging V-raise leg workout is an advanced workout that brings out the abs and boosts the core. This exercise is certainly not for novices, but reliable for those who practice advanced type of exercises. Hanging V-raise workout demands full-body strength but certains six pack abs.

Rajesh Sharma, who’s an individual fitness instructor from Navi Mumbai, guides you with this exercise. However before you get going he states, ‘This is an advanced exercise and one of the toughest workouts to do. The hanging V-raise windscreen wipers work for abdominals of steel.’

He goes on to discuss the benefits of this exercise and which are the important muscle groups that are exercised with hanging V-raise. ‘It needs your whole body strength to do it. However hanging V-raise is a remarkable workout for abdominals, oblique, hip flexors and grip.’

It’s advised to do this workout on a pull-up bar. In this video he improvises with readily available health club equipment, rather of a pull-up bar, he makes use of a cable machine.

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