Plank as well as pike exercise is a good complete body workout for the abdominal muscular tissues. I am not whining traditional crunches is not great, however to actually obtain the core muscles to strive, slab and pike is a far better option. Plank as well as pike is likewise practiced in Pilates.


  1. Start with toes on the stability sphere as well as body totally directly. Palms on the flooring straightened under shoulders. Do not let your body to droop or raise. You are doing slab currently. Preserving this position itself is not easy.
  2. Keep your neck and also head straight to avoid unnecessary pressure on your head.

  3. Contract your abdominal muscles. Bring your toes with sphere to your arms gradually. Your hips removals up now. Reach you can. Maintain your legs right. You are doing pike now with an inverted V shape.
  4. Hold the position for 1 2nd and also gradually curtail to start.
  5. Do 10 repetitions.


  • Choose the security sphere according to your body dimension. General rule, you need to be able to remain on the round with around 90 level angle at your hips as well as knees.
  • When you are in the plank setting, do not permit your hips to sag below your shoulders.