Hanging leg raise functions the stomach muscles, particularly the reduced abdominals. It also train your hold stamina which you require it for several weight training workouts including pull up and bench press.


  1. Grab a pull up bar or any type of straight bar. Hold them with overhand grasp and hang. Your hands are a little bigger compared to shoulder width. Your legs are directly now not touching the ground. Bend your knees somewhat. Yes, just a little bit.
  2. Do absolutely nothing to allow the momentum disappear.
  3. Now, use your abdominals to gradually raise your feet approximately the bar until they are simply previous parallel to the floor Try keeping your legs straight.
  4. Hold for two to five seconds.
  5. Lower your legs with regulated motion. Minimize the speed as high as possible. Do now swing your body. Do not utilize any type of energy to go up or down.
  6. While bringing your legs down, you need to quit before you get to the initial position to make sure optimal press to the reduced stubborn belly components. If you allow your legs to drop also low, you may lose the flex in your abdominal muscles and also need to utilize your reduced back muscles.
  7. Do it for 3 collections with 5 to 8 repetitions each set.

Variation of Hanging Leg Raise

  • Some individuals do hanging leg raise in a different way. Some flex the legs as well as roll their kneed up to their underarms. Some try bring their straight legs as high as feasible. Some do a half circle activity. Based upon my experience, fully extended legs variation with somewhat bent knees is still the best.

  • For people that have weak grip strength or often tend to swing the body also a lot, particularly beginner, you can do it on a leg raising apparatus or captain chair. It enables you to rest your arms and your back on pads while you elevate your legs. Some included handholds to aid stabilize your upper body.


  • Look straight in advance. Doing so help your body stay upright.
  • Do not lean backwards. Maintain your shoulders in position or round ahead slightly.

  • If you discover it difficult to increase your legs with straight legs, attempt bend your knees a little. Keeping the knees bent will aid you concentrate more on the abdominal and also much less on the hip flexors. If you still really feel the discomfort, attempt raising one leg at a time.
  • If you do hanging leg raising, your abdominals muscular tissue could aching the following day. No worry, it is normal.
  • Also, beginner find it hard accessible, shoulders as well as arms. Overtime, you will certainly obtain stronger.
  • Some people say that doing hanging leg raise will certainly lengthen your arms. I do not think so. This exercise is actually food for spinal health and wellness as well as might actually make shorter guy get taller.
  • For progressed degree, you could attempt making use of weights.

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