Bicycle Maneuver (Bicycle Grind) is a great abdominal workout to service obliques (side of your abs) and also rectus abdominal muscles (the the lengthy level muscle mass along the front sides of the abdomen = 6-pack section).


  1. Lie on your back on a workout mat or carpeted surface area. Ensure your reduced back is pushed against the floor. Place your hands near to your head and also fingers touch lightly on the side of our head.
  2. Raise your legs and flex your knees to ensure that your upper leg have to do with 90 level angle to the floor. Your lower legs are simply over alongside the floor.
  3. Curl up as well as bring your left elbow joint toward your right knee. Expand the other leg out as much as is conveniently for you without curving your back. It resembles you are riding a bike.
  4. Alternate sides, proceeding the motion back as well as forth.
  5. For beginner, do 2 collections of 10 repetitions.


  • Keep the motion slow.
  • Remember, do not just flap your joint across your body, really rotate your shoulder throughout and also press your abs.
  • Do not draw on the head or shoulder with your hand. Rather, emphasis in really feeling the stomach contraction.

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