Abdominal Exercises & Toe Taps

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Most stomach exercises, such as the standard floor crunch, work your abdominals with an active tightening– the muscles contract, or reduce, to perform the activity. The toe tap workout is a standard stomach activity that works your abdominals isometrically, or statically. Your abdominal muscles aren’t the primary movers, but they do engage during the toe tap workout.

Toe Taps

Lie on your back with your arms alongside your sides and your palms dealing with the floor. Position your hips and knees at 90-degree angles– your thighs must be perpendicular to the floor and your lower legs should be parallel to the floor. Preserve these joint positions throughout the movement. Gradually lower your left foot to the floor. Tap your toe on the floor lightly and pull your leg back up to the starting position. Repeat with the right leg. Continue alternating sides for the wanted variety of repeatings.


Your stomach muscles don’t actively agreement, or shorten, during the toe tap motion. The iliopsoas, or hip flexor muscles, are the primary movers. These muscles link your hip bone to your thigh bone and are responsible for pulling your thighs toward your hip. The rectus abdominis, your primary abdominal muscle, isometrically agreements to support your torso during the toe tap movement. Your abdominal muscles agreement without a significant modification in length.


Lower both feet simultaneously to enhance the trouble of the toe tap workout. Your abdominal muscles have to work harder to stabilize your torso versus the activity of both legs, vs. one leg. You can likewise do the toe tap exercise seated on a bench. Position your hands a little behind and lean back somewhat, however keep your spine straight. Begin with your hips and knees at 90-degree angles. Lower either one foot at a time or both feet together.


Isometric contractions are an important element of a fitness program. The American College of Sports Medicine advises including isometric workouts in your program to advertise strength gains and muscle growth. To thoroughly work your abdominal muscles, consist of exercises that move the abdominal muscles with a full variety of activity. The rectus abdominis is responsible for spinal flexion, which is the primary motion throughout the basic crunch and variations of the crunch.