By Jonathan Benson, contributing author to Natural News

A healthy breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, as it supplies fresh fuel for your brain and body, and kick begins your metabolic process for sustained energy production throughout the day. However exactly what precisely is a healthy morning meal, and how can you be sure to stay clear of hazardous toxins like genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) when consuming one? Here are 6 tasty GMO-free morning meal concepts for you and your family to try:

1) Organic, pasture-raised eggs. Not all eggs are the very same, and any store-bought egg that isn’t accredited natural is sure to have actually come from a chicken fed GMO feed. However whole eggs are an outstanding source of protein, cholesterol, and healthy fats, which makes them an excellent choice for a healthy morning meal. So make sure to buy just certified organic eggs, or if you can manage them, organic pasture-raised eggs with rich, dark yolks. You could even be able to find regional eggs from a backyard farmer – or perhaps raise your own GMO-free roaming chickens in your own yard.

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2) ‘Green’ protein smoothies. Protein is a vital component of any healthy morning meal, especially for active individuals. And an excellent means to get this protein in GMO-free kind is through protein shakes made with natural whey, hemp, rice, or other kinds of protein. If you use milk in your smoothie mixes, make certain to make use of only qualified organic, and particularly raw organic from a local dairy (if you can find it). You can likewise throw some top notch natural ‘green’ powders into your mornings healthy smoothies for an extra energy kick.

3) Nature’s Course morning meal cereals. If you’re rushed for time in the mornings and still take pleasure in an easy bowl of cereal for morning meal, the Nature’s Course morning meal cereal line is an outstanding GMO-free alternative. The family-owned company uses just all-natural, organic ingredients in its extensive grain line, and boasts the highly-reputed Non-GMO Task accredited symbol on all of its products. There are, of course, numerous other non-GMO, qualified organic breakfast cereals on the market also that are excellent alternatives to Kellogg’s, General Mills, Post, and other GMO-laden brands.

4) Organic quinoa with chia seeds. If you’re a fan of hot grains for breakfast, why not try food preparation up some organic quinoa and blending it with fresh, raw milk and butter, nuts, honey, dried fruit, cinnamon, omega-3-rich chia seeds, and different other natural garnishes in the very same means you’d a bowl of oatmeal? Quinoa is high in protein, non-GMO, and a great alternative to conventional oat meal packets that are typically loaded with GM sugar and other unnatural ingredients.

5) Organic apples with almond butter. Researches have discovered that apples might really be more stimulating than a cup of coffee in the morning, meanings that that can play a vital role in a healthy, energizing breakfast. Because apples aren’t particularly high in protein by themselves, try spreading out fresh almond butter on specific slices. For an included taste and vitamins and mineral kick, you can likewise sprinkle some trace mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt on the almond butter – tasty!


6) Raw yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts. If you can discover it, raw yogurt made from organic milk is an outstanding source of protein, enzymes, and probiotic bacteria, all which will assist get your body moving in the morning. If raw yogurt isn’t a choice, find a natural, non-homogenized variety high in protein, and simply add fresh fruit, nuts, honey, or any other toppings you take pleasure in for a tasty, healthy, and easy-to-prepare morning meal.

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