5 Day Strength Training

August 8, 2014
5 Day Strength Training

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There are numerous ways to train in order to maximize your strength gain. The National Strength and Conditioning Association suggests lifting a weight heavy enough to fatigue your muscles in about 3 to four sets of 6 to 8 repetitions to enhance your strength. A five-day training split’s perfect since you can focus all your energy on one muscle group each day. A good initial split’s chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms.


Start with dumbbell horizontal chest press to warm-up those muscles. Move to a chest press machine or bench press. From there, do cable or pinhead horizontal chest flyes, which assist target the chest and front deltoids. Progression to incline chest press, and then decline chest press to target upper and lower chest respectively. Finish with push-ups with varying hand positions to wear down the chest.


Back exercises include primarily drawing activities, working opposite muscles than the chest. Start with broad grip lat pulldowns, then to reverse grip lat pulldowns. If you can, substitute pullups and chinups. Do the seated cable row with a narrow hand grip to target the rhomboids along the spine. Transfer to single arm bent-over rows with a pinhead, and afterwards to reverse flyes. Finish with reverse grip barbell rows or inverted rows.


Place legs day in the middle of the week to break up your exercises and give your upper body a break. Begin with leg press device, which targets all the muscles of the leg, but do one or two warm-up sets at a lighter weight. From there, do strolling lunges. Then do back squats and front squats, to target the quadriceps and glutes respectively. Progression to stiff leg deadlifts to exercise the hamstrings. Finish with seated and standing calf raises.


Start with dumbbell shoulder press to warm-up the middle deltoids, then do equipment shoulder press at a heavy weight to concentrate on strength as opposed to stabilization. For front deltoids, do incline shoulder presses, and for rear deltoids, do bent over reverse flyes. Do cable or pinhead lateral raises for the middle deltoids. Done with assisted or unassisted dips.


Switch back and forth in between arms and triceps workouts to allow each muscle group a little rest. Do pinhead arms curls with triceps muscles kickbacks. Progression to cable television curls and overhead cable triceps muscles extensions with the barbell attachment. Use the rope accessory and do rope triceps pulldowns and arms hammer curls. Finish with overhead triceps extensions and concentration curls with dumbbells.


The website Muscle and Strength recommends including abdominal exercises such as planks, crunches, woodchops, leg lifts and incline crunches every 2 to 3 days after your strength workout. Change your training splits every five to 6 weeks to keep your workouts from withering. Mix which muscle groups you work by doing a day of drawing workouts, where you work your back and arms, followed by a pressing workout, where you work chest and triceps.