Coffee is awesome.

Butter is awesome.

Saturated fat is awesome.

There is no question concerning it … they have actually been unjustly demonized.

They’ve been condemned for health issues that they truly didn’t have anything to do with.

Fortunately, the globe is gradually however certainly abandoning the aged food misconceptions and welcoming these foods when again.

However … it is essential to maintain in mind that everything in nutrition depends on dose as well as context.

Just since a bit of something is healthy and balanced, it doesn’t suggest that a whole ton of it is healthier, and even safe.

This brings us to the topic available … a big trend called Bulletproof coffee.

If you have no idea exactly what this is, after that it is a recipe for a coffee drink that changes morning meal:

  • 2 cups of coffee.
  • 2 tbsps (at the very least) of grass-fed, saltless butter.
  • 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil.
  • All mixed in a blender.

This is advertised by Dave Asprey, the male behind the website Bulletproof Executive.

Bulletproof coffee has come to be so preferred that people around the global have actually either become aware of it or tried it.

This includes many individuals I recognize in real life, people that are not in any type of means associated with the paleo or low-carb communities.

For the record, I’m a big fan of grass-fed butter, saturated fat and also coffee … independently … in ‘normal’ amounts.

I’ve discussed every one of them in the past and also include them in my diet regimen, every day.

However … I do not believe it is a smart idea to eat unnaturally large doses of them.


Some is excellent, even downright healthy, yet way too much could possibly effectively be a problem.

Although I make sure bulletproof coffee is delicious and also can boost power levels (specifically for an individual on a ketogenic diet regimen), I do believe there are some real worries that should be noted.

For the sake of quality, exactly what this write-up is about is the act of changing your morning meal with coffee, butter and MCT oil.

This post is NOT about the ‘toxin-free’ updated coffee grains, a product offered by Dave as well as suggested with the bulletproof coffee recipe.

I make sure it’s decent coffee, although I do not believe the entire mycotoxin point is sustained by scientific research (perhaps I’ll cover that in an additional blog post).

But I digress… here are 3 reasons why I assume bulletproof coffee is a bad idea.

1. You Are Displacing a Very Nourishing Dish With Something That is Reduced in Necessary Nutrients

fitness instructor

It is generally advised to eat bulletproof coffee in the early morning as an alternative of breakfast.

I’m never amazed that this could work …

Large amounts of fat need to successfully kill the cravings for several hours, particularly for folks which are ‘ketoadapted’ as well as utilized to eating a low-carb, high body fat diet.

This could also supply a lot of energy by raising ketone degrees in the blood, which after that appear as gas for the brain.

These perks are impressive … yet there is a quite noticeable drawback right here, which is hardly ever mentioned.

Let’s think that you’re utilized to consuming 3 dishes daily (typical). Breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

By consuming bulletproof coffee, you are efficiently changing 1 of 3 nourishing meals with something that is low in necessary nutrients.

Yes, grass-fed butter has some fat-soluble vitamins (An as well as K2), CLA and butyrate. It excels stuff.

But MCT oil is 100 % empty calories. It is an improved and also refined fatty tissue without any vital nutrients. It is also as much from ‘paleo’ as a meals can get.

Even though bulletproof coffee may have percentages of nutrients, this totally fades in contrast to just what you would acquire from a healthy breakfast.

Let’s try placing these meals right into Cron-O-Meter (my favorite food tracker) as well as see just what happens …

My 4 Omega-3 enriched egg (fried in 5-10 grams of coconut oil) and 1 apple morning meal products me with big quantities of nutrients (screenshot):

  • 25 grams of protein.
  • 5 grams of fiber.
  • Over 50 % of the RDA for Selenium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2 and also Vitamin B5.
  • Over 10% of the RDA for every nutrient other than magnesium, manganese as well as Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

This morning meal includes 429 calories, with 27 grams of net carbs.

Now let’s have a look at bulletproof coffee– 2 mugs of coffee, 2 tbsps of MCT oil, 2 tablespoons of butter (screenshot):

  • 1 gram of protein.
  • 0 grams of fiber.
  • Under 10 % of the RDA for each nutrient except Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B5 (which vary from 22-28 % of the RDA).

Bulletproof coffee materials 441 calories with 0 grams of carbs and also as well as 51 grams of fat (80 % of which are filled).

To be reasonable, I made use of normal saltless butter for the comparison. Cron-O-Meter does not have grass-fed butter listed, which should be greater in some nutrients.

If you’re utilized to consuming 3 meals each day, after that changing breakfast with bulletproof coffee will reduce the total nutrient load of your diet plan by a third.

This can not be healthy … truly. And also it absolutely isn’t really ‘paleo’– paleolithic humans opted for nutrient density (that’s why they were insane about body organ meats).

If you believe a multivitamin can fix this issue, believe once again … NO multivitamin could change the loads of trace nutrients, both well-known and unknown, that exist in genuine food.

Bottom Line: If you replace one of your day-to-day dishes with a mix of coffee as well as fat, after that you will dramatically lower the complete nutrient load of your diet.

2. Saturated Fat is Adequate … But People Did NOT Evolve Consuming Such Large Amounts

fitness trainer

Saturated fat was unfairly demonized.

Recent high top quality studies have actually shown that it does not induce heart disease.

However … maintain in mind that all of the research studies were done on folks making use of ‘regular’ amounts.

These people just weren’t putting massive amounts of hydrogenated fat into their coffee, they were eating it together with various other foods.

These fats belong in recipes as well as must be utilized to cook with or to add taste to dishes. They must be consumed with a meal, not as the meal.

Humans did NOT evolve consuming (or consuming) such massive amounts of saturated fat.

There are a great many nutrients that are healthy when consumed in sensible amounts, however when people begin megadosing them it could trigger severe problems.

One instance is sugar … it’s ‘good’ when found in healthy, fibrous entire fruit, but a catastrophe when eaten in substantial quantities from fine-tuned sugars.

Another instance is linoleic acid (the major Omega-6 fat)… it’s healthy when discovered in entire, healthy nuts, yet a catastrophe when eaten in substantial amounts from vegetable oils.

It is entirely possible that saturated fat coincides. Healthy in sensible amounts, but hazardous when we begin eating substantial, unnaturally big dosages that are means outside of evolutionary norms.

Of program, all of this is just speculation. Maybe such large dosages of hydrogenated fat are perfectly secure, however it hasn’t already been examined … ever before … so you are treading in undiscovered territory.

Bottom Line: Saturated body fat appears to be completely risk-free in ‘normal’ amounts, yet the doses included in bulletproof coffee are much more than we were ever subjected to throughout development. This might be a problem.

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